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Welcome to COTY Tradeshift Network

Dear Coty Partners,

As we are progressing on our journey to becoming a more modern and top line focused Coty, a simpler and leaner organization with the right capabilities for now and for the future, we are pleased to introduce “Tradeshift Engage” and “Tradeshift Pay”.

Tradeshift Engage is a portal for instant access to real-time data related to all your invoices, allowing for better transparency and more efficient ways of working! Via the platform you will be able to view and action historical and live data through the secure, self-service environment, it enables Coty Partners to view invoice statuses and provide reporting on Coty invoices.

Tradeshift Pay is functionality that will improve your experience. We are committed to ensuring timely and efficient payment to our Partners for the goods and services you provide us whilst driving environmental sustainability through the adoption of E-solutions.

Starting 6th of April all Coty Partners can start sending their invoices using ‘Tradeshift Pay’ and the current process will remain active to help you with the transition. As of May 7th, for any invoices received outside ‘Tradeshift Pay’, a request will be sent to resubmit the invoices through Tradeshift.

Joining the Tradeshift Network enables you to benefit from:

  • Accelerated processing times
  • Real-time validation of your invoice
  • Better collaboration with your customer
  • Full visibility of invoice status

If you have completed your registration in Tradeshift Engage please start using Tradeshift Pay immediately. Training courses are available in the Tradeshift University App which is pre-installed for you.

If you haven’t completed the registration yet Tradeshift will contact you within the next 72 hours with your unique registration link.

This page gives you the knowledge and know-how to start your Tradeshift journey.

For all technical/navigation, invoice submission, PO not available related queries please contact Tradeshift support at https://support.tradeshift.com/requests/new
For any other Tradeshift related queries please contact our support team einvoicing_support@cotyinc.com

We look forward to receiving your next invoice via Tradeshift.


Laurent Mercier
Chief Financial Officer

Stephane Delbos
Chief Procurement Officer

Learn more

Coty FAQs

We have prepared a series of FAQs about Tradeshift and how Coty Partners can use it. Please note that you will be able to view more content after you activate your account.

Coty Countries in Scope of Tradeshift




Benefits of using Tradeshift

Tradeshift improves visibility and security to the payment process and status through an easy-to-use web-based platform.


Check the Status of global Invoices

Quickly and easily access all your documents via the Tradeshift portal


Create your own Reports

Get accurate and up-to-date metrics surrounding your documents


24/7 Access

Access the portal at any time, from anywhere

We have prepared a series of how-to and video guides about activating your Tradeshift account and taking your first steps on the platform. Please note that only the first video is available for logged-out view. You will be able to view more content after you activate your account and log in. Click on the links below to learn more:

Video Guides

1. Activating your account

2. How to view a Buyer's invoicing requirements

3. How to invoice against a Purchase Order (PO flip)

4. How to view your documents (Document Manager app)

5. How to raise a support ticket

6. How to view documents prior to using Tradeshift (Engage)

7. How to automate your invoicing through integration with Tradeshift

8. How to access your user and notification settings

9. How to add team members to your account

Getting Started with Tradeshift

We built a short guide on how to get started quickly!

Click on this picture to learn about the most important steps invited suppliers should take while and after responding to the invitation email of their customer.

Getting Started with Pay
Getting Started with Engage

Need help?

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Knowledge Base

Once you have activated your account, you will be able to access Support articles by clicking on the Knowledge Base icon.

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Technical/Navigation Queries

If you have any technical questions, click on the assistance icon to submit your query and our Support team will be happy to assist you.

Should someone else be reading this?

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For business queries regarding your documents in Tradeshift, please contact Coty Inc. via einvoicing_support@cotyinc.com

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