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Who is the Tradeshift platform for?

The Tradeshift platform is for Partners working with COTY....

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Do COTY Partners have to use Tradeshift to send invoices to Coty and what is the deadline to do this?

Yes, because of the benefits Tradeshift offers for COTY Partners, sending invoices via Tradeshift is mandatory and any invoices received via other methods after the 7th of February will be put on hold and our partners will be notified with a request to resubmit the invoice through Tradeshift....

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Why did COTY implement Tradeshift?

COTY implemented the “Tradeshift Engage” platform for a better transparency and more efficient ways of working with the Partners. It allows the COTY Partners not only to upload the invoices, but also checking purchase orders and historical/current data related to invoices....

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How can COTY Partners use the Tradeshift?

The Tradeshift is designed to show the partners the same basic data, that is visible for the COTY employees, including buyers and finance. COTY Partners, thanks to “Tradeshift Engage” will be able to see the status of their invoices, payment details and a financial summary of cooperation with COTY (...

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Who can COTY Partner contact for questions related to Tradeshift?

For technical/navigation queries please contact Tradeshift support at For Business related queries please send an e-mail to

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Which countries or Coty entities are the scope of Tradeshift?

These are the countries in scope: AMERICAS: United States Canada EUROPE: Germany France Netherlands Poland Spain Switzerland United Kingdom AMEA: Arab Emirates Australia China (only Tradeshift Engage) Malaysia Singapore ...

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