Introduction to Tradeshift Engage

What is Coty’s goal with Tradeshift? Does this apply to me?

What is Tradeshift Engage?

Tradeshift Engage is a new supplier benefit COTY has launched to enable suppliers to view invoice statuses, provide reporting on COTY invoices and take advantage of future benefits like early payment discounts. ...

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How much does it cost to use Tradeshift?

Using Tradeshift is free for suppliers, there are no hidden charges. It really is that straight forward. Simply activate your account and you can start viewing COTY invoices today....

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When will this be rolled out to all partners?

All suppliers will be invited to use Tradeshift Engage. Please wait until you receive your unique registration code before connecting with COTY on the Tradeshift platform. Haven’t received an invitation from us? Drop us a line via email We will be happy to help...

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Where can I find out more about Tradeshift?

We are pleased you want to learn more about the Tradeshift. It’s good to find out more about the platform you will be using. Just click here for more information about Tradeshift’s past, present and vision. To set up your account please make sure you use the link in your invitation or accept the inv...

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