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    Reuse and save time

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    The reuse and save time zone allows you, when you need to configure some element, to fully configure it in just one click, by reusing elements that have been previously defined.

    In this zone, the system will always try to make the suggestions that are the most relevant to your usage and to the context (what you have already selected, other elements of the channel, ...). These suggestions can be of different types:

    • Element from the Babelway catalogue. The Babelway catalogue contains many message definitions or gateways used by main retailers. These elements are ready to use, and can simply be copied to your environment.
    • Elements that you already defined in your environment. You will be able to use them, or duplicate them in just one click.
    • Elements that are in other environments to which you have access.
    • Examples that are useful to make your first steps and test the application.
    • Suggestions. In some cases, we can deduce what you need from what you already did. For example, MessageDefinitions can in some situations be deduced from the gateway you selected.



    Reuse with different types of suggestions.


    This zone is available when you want to create an element ( gateway creationMessageDefinition creationtransformation creationchannel creation or partner creation) and in the Channel Detail screen.


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