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    Babelway is a B2B integration Software-as-a-Service-SaaS. Babelway provides a data translation software and B2B communication gateways organized in a full-service proposition. Babelway services are fully available on-demand via a web-browser. There is no software or hardware to buy and maintain in-house; however, Babelway is still under the full control of its users.

    The main functions of Babelway are:


    - Babelway transports electronic messages between two parties.


    - Babelway transforms messages from an input to an output format (csv, xml, Excel, flat file, EDI)


    - Babelway stores messages in a secure way for a defined period of time. The archiving system is compliant with EU legal requirements.


    Note: Babelway is supported by all major three browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Edge) that were made available for the last five years and that are up to date in terms of security standards.  

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